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Does a piece of data need to be scanned against all rules, or can it be scanned against a defined subset of rules?

Incoming data will only be scanned against the specific rules within the identified subsets using the subset_ids specified in the data (known in the RXP as a ‘job’). Using Subset IDs allows the user to minimize the required computation by searching through a smaller number of rules rather than the entire ruleset. For example, if a user has 50,000 rules, these can be divided into 1000 subsets so that each subset has around 50 rules. At run-time, a single job can be assigned up to 4 subset IDs so the job can be scanned against 4×50 rules. There is no limit to the number of rules in a subset, and a subset may be as small as 1 rule. It is a flexible approach to fine-tune a search for a given ruleset.

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