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RXP for Search Acceleration on FPGA


The world is rapidly moving to an heterogenous compute model. With the slowing of Moore's Law, new compute engines based on Graphic Processors (GPUs), Tensor Flow Processors (TPUs), FPGAs and dedicated engines for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are being updated on almost a monthly basis.

To improve the ability to innovate fast, major datacenter and Hyperscalers are adding FPGAs into the mix.

One of the main advantages is total flexibility, coupled with extreme acceleration opportunities.

However, not every programmer can write the special RTL code required by FPGAs, so we are seeing libraries of hardware accelerators like Titan IC's RXP hardware search accelerator being provided as pre-baked standard binaries that can be dynamically loaded into the new FPGA cards that are now being offered.

The accelerators can still be programmed within milliseconds to handle thousands of search criteria, so that data can be searched, parsed and classified at wire speeds - and when new engine enhancements arrive they can be adopted immediately rather than having to wait for a fork lift upgrade to inflexible ASIC, SoC or mainline processors - which often at best only achieve an annual update cycle. The cost of such bulk upgrades can also dramatically increase the long term profitability of Cloud infrastructure.

Titan IC RXP hardware accelerated search engines incorporated into FPGAs are ideally suited to offload anti-malware applications including Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS) and Web Application Firewalls (WAF) - now security vendors previously locked into an appliance plus software-only Cloud solution can enhance their product lines with highly optimized hardware acceleration.

Titan IC has also worked with Cisco and the open source community to offload and accelerate the Snort 3 IPS solution.

Our FPGA RXP images are built to support the latest Xilinx FPGAs, and we offer a development kit with FPGA on a PCIe plug in board to speed evaluations.

We have also made RXP images available to run on Amazon Web Services F1 Cloud instances.

Visit the Titan IC Booth #4415 at RSA 2020 to see:

  • a selection of solutions from several of our FPGA partners
  • Demo of RXP Network Threat Detection at 100Gbps
  • Demo of RXP's multi-Terabyte Big Data Analytic capabilities

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