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RXP Development Kit

RXP Development Kit allows you to experience the power and the benefits of RXP as an offload search accelerator and evaluate its suitability for your own development. The Development Kit is available in both physical form as a PCIe Accelerator Card or on the Cloud, using an Amazon AWS EC2 F1 instance.

RXP Development Kit

The RXP Development Kit is the ideal tool to evaluate the advanced search and analytics capabilities of RXP providing all that you require to develop bespoke applications using high speed Regular Expression processing and pattern matching.

Hardware-wise, the kit contains a PCI Express card incorporating a Xilinx Kintex UltraScale KU115 FPGA. The RXP Software Development Kit (SDK) supplied comprises an API, RXP Compiler, job generator and example utilities. In-depth tutorials, documentation and engineering support are also provided in order to get you up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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RXP Cloud Development Kit

Now you can explore all the power of RXP accelerated search in the cloud using Amazon's AWS Elastic Cloud Compute FPGA (EC2 F1) instance.

Available on AWS Marketplace, the RXP for Cloud 10G RegEx File Scan, is aimed at those developing high end search and scan applications. It can typically process 1TB of data with up to 800K user defined regular expressions in less than 15mins.

The RXP for Cloud API allows easy and direct integration of offload acceleration into applications supporting up to 1 million basic POSIX/PCRE or up to 10 thousand complex rules.

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Features & Benefits

  • Accelerated data search and analytics icon

    Accelerated data search and analytics

    RXP performs complex and comprehensive pattern matching enabling high-speed content inspection and data analytics.
  • Search at up to 100 Gbps+ or 45 TB/hr+ icon

    Search at up to 100 Gbps+ or 45 TB/hr+

    RXP provides unmatched levels of throughput acceleration enabling inspection and filtering of networks at wire-speed as well as real-time analytics of data and huge reductions in data lake search times.
  • Offload your CPU & free up critical cores icon

    Offload your CPU & free up critical cores

    As a hardware accelerator, RXP offloads compute-intensive search processes to maximize the efficiency of the available cores.
  • Up to a million RegEx rules in parallel icon

    Up to a million RegEx rules in parallel

    Offering massively parallel processing capabilities and advanced functionality such as “Bidirectional Scan”, RXP searches efficiently and effectively.
  • Power & Cost Savings icon

    Power & Cost Savings

    RXP offers exceptional throughput & performance per Watt, reducing operating costs and heat dissipation.
  • Industry-Standard Language Support icon

    Industry-Standard Language Support

    RXP supports POSIX/PCRE compatible regular expressions to detect malware, enforce blacklists. run Snort IPS or enable complex database searches.


RXP leads the way in delivering accelerated search and analytics within high-speed networks and storage systems worldwide.

It’s unique ability to handle combinations of high throughput, rule depth and complexity make it the perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

RXP for Cyber Security icon

RXP for Cyber Security

RXP delivers wire-speed, hardware-accelerated anti-malware search capabilities to detect threats, intrusions and malicious content in real-time.

It offers flexible, future-proof, resilient security processing for those developing world-leading Cyber Security applications.

RXP accelerates
  • Intrusion Detection / Prevention Systems (PS/IPS)
  • Next Generation Firewalls
  • Web Application Firewalls
  • URL, Spam & Adware Filtering
  • Lawful Interception
  • Logfile Analytics
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RXP for Big Data icon

RXP for Big Data

RXP provides the search and analytics acceleration needed to meet the challenges posed by the exploding volume of data and increasingly complex workloads of data centers worldwide. Offloading data processing functions to a hardware accelerator avoids the expense and power consumption of multi-core CPUs and provides significant performance boosts.

RXP accelerates:
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Database Access
  • Computational Storage
  • AI/ML/NLP Pre-Processing
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Financial Data Mining
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