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Breakthrough Cybersecurity Processor launched by Titan IC at RSA 2015

21 Apr

Titan IC Systems is launching the Hyperion cybersecurity processor for complex content inspection and data analytics at line rates of 100G at the industry’s RSA Conference 2015 in San Francisco from 20-24 April at booth S242.

The company, selected recently by the UK Government as one of the country’s 12 'most exciting' technology businesses, has also announced the appointment of Silicon Valley executive Marc Miller as new VP Worldwide Sales & Marketing.

Titan IC is a successful spin-out from Queen’s University and a leading member of the burgeoning Belfast, UK cybersecurity community. It is the world leader in at-speed, in-depth, hardware accelerated content inspection. These products address the most difficult, bi-directional security challenges for Next Generation Firewalls, Malware/APT detection, DDoS Mitigation, Application Delivery Controllers, Document Exfiltration Filters and Terabyte Forensics.

The Hyperion PCIe accelerator card is based on the high-performance Titan IC Regular Expression Processor (RXP64). It offloads Snort, Suricata, Application ID, ClamAV, and URL blacklist RegEx based processing for security appliances. Hyperion provides the industry’s highest performance yet with a remarkably small form factor and low power consumption.

While meeting the highest 100G bandwidth requirements, the products are fully scalable from 100G to 1G. The products are available at the board and chip level and are accompanied by a full software suite, API, and drivers that facilitate rapid system integration.

Godfrey Gaston, CEO of Titan IC, commenting on the launch of the Hyperion system, said: "This is an immensely significant launch for us of a product we believe has enormous potential to transform the cybersecurity industry worldwide by providing greater security than currently exists for high volume data networks.

“We are delighted that Marc Miller has joined the Titan IC team. He has a wealth of experience in both silicon and cybersecurity and is ideally positioned to drive our business in target markets for Hyperion and our other advanced technology products.

“Hyperion carries forward the knowledge and expertise of our highly experienced team of researchers assisted by cybersecurity experts within Queen’s University Befast.”

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