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Billington Cyber Security Conference 13th September 2017

11 Sep

Titan IC are delighted to be exhibiting at the 8th Billington Cyber Security Conference in Washington DC on September 13th 2017.

Come and visit us in the UK Zone - Table B

Our latest product release ‘Helios’, is a regular expression processor that can implement up to 1M complex Regex rule searches in parallel on network or file data, at speeds of 100 gb/s and beyond. The technology can be deployed in the following types of products:

  • Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW)
  • Deep packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Intrusion detection / prevention systems (IDS/ IPS)
  • data loss prevention (DLP)
  • any rule based cyber security tasks
  • log file or data analysis
  • ASICs for content analysis or network switching

At the event, we will be:

  • Demonstrating Helios RXP running on the AWS F1 platform “FPGA in the cloud”.
  • Demonstrating our Hyperion FPGA PCIe card running Regex at 40 gb/s as an offload accelerator on a mini server.
  • Presenting options for adding Helios IP to FPGA and ASIC designs and will discuss various licensing models.
  • Presenting how the Helios RXP solution can improve the performance of your systems either in a hardware or software environment.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stand and to discussing with you how Titan Helios will help accelerate your next generation platform.

Please contact the following me at to confirm a time slot to meet.

Alternatively, call at our booth, in the UK Zone Table B to see our demonstration and outstanding technology.

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