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RXP Accelerating Search on SmartNIC

Today, an amazing number of companies have moved to the cloud, or at least have a cloud presence. However, one of the biggest issues they face is protecting valuable customer data including credit card and identity information, as well as their corporate ‘Crown Jewels’.

New cloud architectures are fostering new innovations. Legacy methods of using appliances in the data path are being rapidly replaced and new methods to distribute security to every server are moving to the fore.

Enter the SmartNIC.

These are replacing traditional NICs in servers and add ‘a computer in front of a computer’. Now, additional security functions can be added without burdening the expensive server CPUs (both x86 and ARM). Now, every server can have its own dedicated security gateway.

Some of the innovations being added to SmartNICs include dedicated hardware accelerators for packet handling, encryption, compression and content inspection engines like the RXP engines supplied by Titan IC.

RXP hardware accelerated search technology can be deployed to accelerate anti-malware, web application firewalls, database acceleration and many other functions alongside security functions such as encryption and decryption.

Enabling Smarter Security on SmartNICs

RXP has been licensed by those developing both FPGA-based and ASIC/SoC-based SmartNICs, most recently by Mellanox for inclusion on the BlueField-2 I/O Processing Unit, enabling advanced, fine grain search and security analytics at wire-speed with significant power savings.

Visit the Titan IC Booth #4415 at RSA 2020 to see:

  • a selection of solutions from several of our SmartNIC partners
  • Demo of RXP Network Threat Detection at 100Gbps
  • Demo of RXP's multi-Terabyte Big Data Analytic capabilities

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