RXP on Xilinx SDAccel™

Enhanced Network Security with Titan IC RXP on Xilinx SDAccel

The latest Xilinx SDAccel platform, embedded with Titan IC’s Regular Expression Processor RXP, offers a fully-flexible, efficient and easy-to-use card for configuring acceleration in data center applications using standard programming languages. Developers now have access to a software-centric approach to building a hardware-centric solution.

• Enhanced security analytics acceleration

• Flexible platform for high throughput/high rule density networks

• Easy to build and configure modular security or data analytics products on FPGA

• Enables CPU offload and increased host processor capacity

RXP on Xilinx SDAccel™


Compatible with Xilinx® Alveo™ Data Center accelerator cards


Key Benefits

  • Dynamic configurability

  • Off-The-Shelf solution

  • Optimum acceleration up to 100Gb/s

  • Significant CPU offload

  • Reduces engineering design effort

  • Scans up to 1 million rules

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