Hyperion II

Ultra Fast Security Analytics Accelerator Card

In-depth, complex, parallel content analysis at speeds of up to 100Gb/s

Offload and accelerate the analysis of networks and detection of threats

All the power of RXP available on industry-standard Xilinx Accelerator card

Hyperion II


Designed for Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) applications that require Regular Expression (RegEx) pattern matching and string matching, RXP technology is unique in its ability to handle combinations of high throughput, rule depth, and complexity.

Now, the Hyperion II makes RXP technology available on the industry-standard Alveo U200, a production-ready accelerator card from Xilinx designed to meet the needs of the modern security and data center.

Operating at up to 100Gbps, Hyperion II sets a new benchmark in both throughput and performance, enabling the processing of up to 2 million rules with powerful and flexible pre-filters enabling “AnyPrefix” and “ReverseScan” technology.

Key Benefits

  • Accelerated Throughput - perform complex data searches at speeds up to 100Gb/s

  • In-depth Packet Inspection - complex and comprehensive pattern matching

  • High Capacity Content Analysis - supports up to 2 million RegEx rules

  • CPU Offload - offload of data analytic functions from host CPU freeing up CPU cores and saving costs

  • High Throughput Performance per Watt – reduced heat dissipation and operating costs

  • Easy Compatibility - supports POSIX/PCRE compatible regular expressions to detect malware, enforce blacklists & run Snort or customer-defined RegEx datasets

  • Off-the-Shelf solution - reduces engineering effort, costs & time-to-market

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