Hyperion F1 10G Regex File Scan

Titan IC puts the power of the search in your hands with the most flexible, customisable regular expression processor running at lightning speeds available now on the AWS F1 FPGA in the cloud. The Hyperion F1 10G RegEx File Scan is aimed at developers, developing high end search and scan applications, it can typically process 1TB of data with up to 800K user defined regular expressions in less than 15mins.

Hyperion F1 10G Regex File Scan


Hyperion F1 10G RegEx File Scan is an FPGA-based Regular eXpression Processor (RXP), designed to be used as a CPU offload accelerator. It can deliver throughput acceleration up to 10Gbps aimed at complex pattern and string matching for file scanning and data analytic applications.

The Hyperion F1 10G RegEx File Scan Application Programming Interface (API) allows easy and direct integration off offload acceleration into the customer applications supporting up to 1 million basic POSIX/PCRE or up to 10 thousand complex rules.

For further information regarding the Hyperion F1 10G RegEx File Scan or any other Titan products please contact sales@Titan-ic.com.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Pay-As-You-Go set up via AWS Marketplace

  • Integrated within the AWS F1 infrastructure

  • Offload of data analytic functions from host CPU

  • Customers can compile their own regular expressions dataset for customisable searches

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