Helios RXP for FPGA

Soft IP for FPGA Security Analytics Acceleration

Soft IP for SmartNIC FPGA

Soft IP for Solid State Drive FPGA

Helios RXPF, is an FPGA Regular eXpression Processor that is licensed as a Soft IP. It is targeted at smartNIC FPGA and solid state drive FPGA solutions. Helios RXPF is designed for high throughput, low latency Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) applications that require hardware accelerated Regular Expression (RegEx) pattern matching and string matching.

Helios RXP for FPGA


Helios RXPF is a unique, fully scalable, hardware accelerated pattern matching solution for Security Analytics Acceleration (SAA) and content processing. The solution can be tuned for the desired combination of throughput, rule depth and complexity.

Key Benefits

  • Complex and comprehensive pattern matching at line speed

  • Parallel processing of up to 100Gb/s

  • Significant CPU offload, while achieving wire speed performance

  • High throughput performance per Watt

  • Solution designed to match your ruleset and throughput rates

  • Supplied as a FPGA IP block, reducing engineering effort, costs and time to market

  • Available in Xilinx Vivado IP Catalog

  • Easy to support and update solution in the field

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