Offload and accelerate the analysis of networks and detection of threats

Perform many thousands of complex, parallel searches at line speed

Targeted at SmartNIC FPGA & Solid State FPGA applications

RXP for FPGA is an FPGA Regular eXpression Processor that is licensed as a Soft IP.



RXP for FPGA is designed to deliver high throughput, low latency content analytics, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and pattern/string matching using Regular Expressions (RegEx). It can be tuned for the desired combination of throughput, rule depth and complexity.

Key Benefits

  • Complex and comprehensive pattern matching at line speed

  • Parallel processing of up to 100Gb/s

  • Significant CPU offload, while achieving wire speed performance

  • High throughput performance per Watt

  • Solution designed to match your ruleset and throughput rates

  • Supplied as a FPGA IP block, reducing engineering effort, costs and time to market

  • Available in Xilinx Vivado IP Catalog

  • Easy to support and update solution in the field

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