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Linley Fall Smart Nic

Learn How to Enable Smarter Security on SmartNIC

Posted on September 23, 2019

Professor Sakir Sezer, CTO of Titan IC, will be speaking on the topic "Enabling Smarter Security on SmartNIC" at the Linley Fall Processor Conference, Santa Clara on October 23rd, 2019.

Smart NICs are redefining cybersecurity within the cloud; enabling the monitoring and inspection of network traffic to ensure the security and integrity of cloud services and counteract threats. Titan IC is at the forefront of this development effort, delivering underpinning security technologies tailored for Smart NICs.

If you are attending the Fall Processing Conference, don't miss the Security Session that takes place at 1.30pm on Oct 23rd. Prof Sakir will be presenting his paper and joining a panel discussion on security considerations and trends within processor development.

Details of the full conference agenda can be found here.